King’s Lynn Festival, Norfolk
Sat 20th Jul 2019, 9.30pm

10 voices, SATB, conducted

Festival theme: Music & Astronomy

This programme explores the uses of astronomical symbolism in the Christian faith, and the ways in which imagery of the stars and the heavens inspired composers of, principally, the 15th and 16th centuries.

Plainchant — Ave maris stella
Victoria — Ave maris stella
Lassus — Prophetiae Sibyllarum (selection)

Biber — Mystery Sonata no. 2, ‘Mary’s Visit to Elizabeth’
Adrian Butterfield (violin) and Silas Wollston (harpsichord)

Lassus — Exsultet caelum mare
Lassus — Aurora lucis rutilat
Bach — Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh’ darein (chorale)
MacMillan — Ave maris stella

Biber — Mystery Sonata no. 14, ‘The Assumption of the Virgin’
Adrian Butterfield (violin) and Silas Wollston (harpsichord)

Palestrina — Viri Galilaei
Byrd — Viri Galilaei
Plainchant — Viri Galilaei